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We set ourselves big goals. Our Team has confidence, freedom to express their beliefs and to experiment with new ideas. For more than three decades Oyster has evolved, observing and interpreting the changes that followed in the world of technology. Thirty-five years ago we designed and manufactured loudspeakers; today we also design and create complex technologies, making them simple in products...a huge change! In all this time, however, curiosity has never diminished, the obsessive search for ever more perfect tools to satisfy the desire for innovation that daily fuels the desire to seek out a global, refined project design. Because there is only one philosophy that inspires Oyster's daily work: the culture of well-being, which is expressed through the high quality of the products and services offered to those who choose to enter the Oyster world.

Our mission


Day after day we are devoted to find the perfect balance for every environment and to imagine invisible and discreet solutions in order to facilitate the usege of technology and to make it as human-friendly as possible.
This is our Mission.

Our vision


We imagine a world in which technology can be useful and minimally invasive, which allows us to improve our daily lives, leaving us more and more time to dedicate to our passions.
This is our vision.


A story about passion

Started in the mid-seventies in a small garage, few means but a great passion for electronics and loudspeakers.
After different studies, experiments and many systems created above all for friends, in 1987 Giovanni Pirrone commercially founded Oyster.
The first commercial models we created, in particular the Hyppos loudspeaker which will quickly gain high success and enthusiastic acclaim among the insiders.
The story continues...