The ON® platform helps farmers to have total control and visibility over their lands, crops, livestocks and equipment… for a smart farming!

Precision agriculture: what does it stand for?

By 2050, the world’s population will hover just below 10 billion. With these dimensions, agricultural production methods require major changes.



Precision agriculture (AdP) is a method of agricultural activity management that provides methods and techniques for optimizing production.
Data is collected, processed, analyzed and combined with other information to guide decisions in order to improve resource efficiency, productivity, and the sustainability of agricultural production.

The advantages of the ON system in the AP

Microclimate control

Remote access

Video surveillance

Data analysis

GPS mapping

Herds control


The ON® platform allows farmers to manage, organize and control crops and livestock, even remotely. All through the creation of a scalable and robust infrastructure.



ON integrates the GIS/GPS mapping platform ONmap. We use RFID sensors and tracker devices to track livestock locations, from farm to delivery.

To meet current and future agricultural needs, farms must leverage a network of IT solutions that drive sustainability, predictability and profitability. A network that gives way to a new and precise generation of organized collection.

Total control with ONmap™

Creation of virtual areas

ONmap™ allows you to create graphically described virtual areas that have precise references in reality.

Technological systems management

A single “tactical table” on which you can have real-time visibility and insights that transform data into action, allowing for an exceptional work experience.

Discover ONmap

ON Technology

This is just one example of application of the ON® system.
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