The speaker you hear without seeing


As a proudly Italian company, we have always been careful to details, trying to interpret the Italian style in terms of design and solutions.

When we started producing the AudioPanel in 1999, we were already making HI-FI and professional loudspeaker systems. Then our creativity definitely exploded, projecting us towards the search for not only non-intrusive but also invisible technological solutions.

Architecture and interior design can seize the opportunity to develop ideas caming from an amazing technology that allows the creation of a new product generation: more pleasant and welcoming.

The technology

The AudioPanel works like a musical instrument.
We show a violin but the example could also be extended to a guitar or a piano also.
The AudioPanel essentially consists on a thin and rigid panel whose surface is pushed under vibration by an electroacoustic transducer (1) which sets the structure of the panel in vibration (2).
The many invisible sound sources generated on the panel (3) spread a clear and detailed sound in the environment, characterized by a wide stereophonic image, so that one is not forced to sit in a precise point to hear well,
as happens with traditional speakers instead.

A comparison between the traditional loudspeaker and AudioPanel

Traditional loudspeaker

In a typical listening environment, speaker’s position is very critical.
Sound reflections on near surfaces causes performance degradation
as some frequencies are canceled by reflections while others are emphasized.
This interaction with the walls strongly degrades the sound and the quality of listening.


Due to the reduction of the destructive interaction with nearby reflective surfaces caused by acoustic radiation,
the AudioPanel does not need an enclosure. This completely remove problems associated with speaker cabinets.
The sound is clear and stable at every point of the environment, that’s why AudioPanel is better compared to a conventional loudspeaker, both on axis and off-axis. It allows us to fully enjoy
the music program.

Sound Field

Sound field generated by two speakers placed on the ceiling.

Sound field generated by an AudioPanel placed on the ceiling.

AudioPanel Oyster sound has a considerable acoustic power, which allow the user to save up to 20-50% of the total amount of loudspeakers needed for sound reinforcement. Furthermore, the absence of grilles in ceilings and the minimal weight make the installation easier; finally, the aesthetic result respects the architectural design of the rooms.

Sound Distribution

Sound decay as a function of distance

Feedback sensibility (Larsen effect)

In public address and sound amplification systems, directional loudspeakers are often used
to improve intelligibility by reducing reflected sound energy.
The AudioPanel's broad directivity might seem to disqualify them from these applications, but its nature of sound radiation defies expectations based on "conventional" concepts once again.
In practice, the low off-axis spatial correlation of AudioPanels improves intelligibility.
Susceptibility to acoustic feedback is also greatly reduced, thus increasing the gain margin before sound regeneration and triggering occurs.

6 Reasons + 1 to choose AudioPanel™


It’s very light in weight and can be easily integrated into walls or ceilings. The Ceiling Panel version does not require any holes in the wall; the final aesthetic result is a surface without metal grilles, which are instead typical of traditional loudspeakers.


It respects the environment because it requires, compared to a traditional loudspeaker, less quantity of raw materials and saves up about 80% space for transport.


It perfectly distributes sound in the room even at low sound levels. This unique feature is highly appreciated especially in Public Address applications because it allows communications to be always clear and never annoying, in large environments also.


The considerable acoustic power which AudioPanel puts into the environment, allows saving up to 40-50% of the number of loudspeakers needed for sound reinforcement.


It can be fully customized, in order to create the perfect union between sound and image.
Its surface can be painted or edited with graphics, allowing the creation of “talking” panels, useful for example for the creation of exhibition stands and sound signs.


AudioPanel technology is very versatile and can also be integrated into other products, from furniture to design fields, up to marine and military applications.


We have been creating ideas and products with AudioPanel technology for 22 years. We want this 2022  to be unique and exceptional, that’s why The Oyster Design Center opens its doors to all designers, planners and companies in order to develop ideas and fantastic products. The only requirement: you must be super curious!

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