Oyster AudioPanel is a new chapter in loudspeaker evolution.
Daily life's spaces open up to new enthralling listening experiences, recreating relaxing and stimulating HI-FI sound environments.


Home Theatre & Cinema

AudioPanel is able to distribute the sound over large surfaces, uniformly and in the entire reproduced frequency range. The use of AudioPanel Oyster technology can be perfectly integrated into video projection screens and allows the creation of very light and extremely performing elements, capable of giving to the viewer engaging sound emotions.


Sound Masking

With the AudioPanel, extremely effective privacy systems are created which bring economic savings, greater efficiency and are invisible from an architectural point of view.
A great value solution in open offices, examination rooms, banks and many other environments where privacy is important. It also reduces the distraction caused by external traffic, office machinery and other unwanted sounds.


Public Address

The possibility to integrate the AudioPanel into the walls or ceilings contributes to obtain perfect integrated solutions with the environments. Furthermore, the AudioPanel can also be integrated into the coverings and our Design Center™ team is always available to help designers in the development, especially for “corporate” solutions (hotels, offices, etc.).



Transport's sector has gained benefit from new technologies (connectivity, data) in recent years. Especially in trains nowdays you travel "full connected" and with many comforts.
The use of Oyster AudioPanel technology applied in these contexts, integrated for example in the finishing elements, makes it possible to improve the design of the rooms, making them more welcoming and pleasantly served by a much higher audio quality than conventional systems.



Our Design Center™ has already created several integrated solutions for nautical sector that combine sound-light functions.



ON® can be used by installing the static robot CEO usually in the entrance/exit of a public office. It is useful for the integrated management of accesses, the verification of attendance.
Additional EOS and EBE units can be placed near secondary entrances and wherever needed. The presence of the devices is not visually invasive and the installation does not involve particular works.


Conference Room

ON® automatically recognizes the healthiness of the environment. Sensors are able to determine the quality of the air in such a way as to automatically actuate actions in order to make classrooms, canteen, gyms and administrative offices healthier. Control and check the brightness of the rooms, modulating the amount of artificial light to the full advantage of better lighting and energy savings.


This is just an example of what you can do with AudioPanel™. Contact us for more information on how to create your custom product.

Applicazioni AudioPanel 

Applicazioni AudioPanel 

Applicazioni AudioPanel 

Applicazioni AudioPanel 

Applicazioni AudioPanel 

Applicazioni AudioPanel 


Why AudioPanel?

It’s lightweight yet powerful, and can be integrated into walls. It uses a smaller quantity of raw materials than traditional loudspeakers, which is why it is “green” and respects the environment. It distributes sound even at low sound levels.

It is hard to install?

With the creation of the FPF (Fast & Precise Fixing) fastening system, Oyster simplifies the assembly with a simple and effective solution. It is also equipped with the S50A module which allows independent connection from the audio system to devices capable of generating warnings or alarms from Building Automation systems: a specific transducer is mounted on the back of SIGN products to reproduce signals from other equipment, avoiding so overloaded for transducers dedicated to audio reproduction.

What does Sound Masking mean?

In acoustic field, sound masking is the reduction or elimination of the perceptibility of a sound due to the presence of another, with a different frequency. In some environments hearing noises can be annoying, in others it is even illegal for privacy reasons: the sound reproduced by the AudioPanels Oysters is uniformly diffused and without “hotspots” (areas where the sound is more present) for this reason the quality of the masking is perfect. In addition, from the same AudioPanel it is possible to broadcast sound for sound masking, background music, messages or any alarms from IoT devices.

Is it cutomizable?

Absolutely. It can be totally customized in order to create the perfect union between sound and image.
Its surface can be painted or personalized with the application of graphics, allowing the creation of “talking” panels, useful for example for the creation of exhibition stands and sound signs.

Our Design Center™ is always available to develop your ideas and listen to your custom requests.