Company profile

Core business

Oyster Next is specialized in the development and production of hardware, software and electronic systems for both industrial and civil use, as well as for public administration. We offer state-of-the-art proprietary technologies in the field of automation and control, safety & prevention, and also in the field of acoustic and sound distribution.

In addition to all this, we also offer business, administrative and management consulting services, as well as support in business planning with “facility management” techniques.

We are committed to offering cutting-edge and innovative technological solutions. Our focus is on the development, production, marketing and implementation of high-quality technological products, services and systems, including innovative products and services and high-tech ICT and multimedia facilities.


A) We provide products that facilitate technological convergence and simplify its use, thanks to advanced algorithms designed to interface with different iot devices.

B) We offer active and passive electro-hearing aids that use AudioPanel technology for high quality sound reproduction.

The combination of these proprietary technologies allows us to develop, produce and market:

– Online platforms, mobile applications or other web tools;
– Hardware and software solutions and ICT devices;
– SEO services for the development, positioning and promotion of websites and mobile applications;
– Big data platforms for data analysis;
– Voip applications;
– Software with artificial intelligence algorithms;
– Product and industrial design.

Industrial division

The industrial division specializes in the design, construction and management of electroacoustic, electronic and electrical systems, including those for protection against lightning discharges, as well as in the creation of self-generation solutions of electricity and automation. In addition, it also offers self-production solutions such as photovoltaic, wind, cogeneration.

In addition, we provide security services related to both fixed and mobile installation, including fire and hydrant supply systems.

The design, research and development of management software solutions is another area of expertise of Oyster Next, both internally and with outsourcing. We cover cloud services, products and services, and fixed and mobile connectivity solutions.