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GPS tracker is a telecommunication device that allows the identification of the exact position of objects in space, as well as the movement, using the Global Positioning System satellite network.

GPS trackers are receivers through which it is possible to orient oneself in space thanks to the signals of the satellites, which communicate the data. In other words, GPS receivers which can be found inside cars, smartphones and computers, have the task of understanding our location through the combination of satellite signals.

Asset Tracker

In order to track valuable goods, tools, construction equipment, containers, lifts and many other assets.

Vehicle Tracker

Mini tracker designed for monitoring vehicles, cars but also people and pets.

Personal Tracker

Self locator with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. Real time monitoring

Mobile Application

It's easy to install and turns your device into a GPS tracker!

Different data type

Employees can send photos, SOS messages or location data by simply tapping the button. Whatever happens, employer will be aware of what's going on.

BLE beacon interaction

User's device can be connected to a BLE device and the app will detect a nearby beacon in order to send this information to the monitoring system.

Remote control

The employer can change settings, obtain logs and troubleshoot issues without physical access to the employee's device.

User friendly

The information is updated automatically and displayed on the device screen in a modern and intuitive interface.

Perfect integration with ONmap™

Remote control

Control the device remotely and get specific information about the name, location, building, IP address.

Events reporting

Create events of different types: weather alarm, earthquakes event or intrusion; select also the priority (low, medium, high) and define the status.

Accidents management

Make reports of accidents that have occurred or create one by yourself, selecting between two types: “accidents to people” or “damage to property”; also select the priority (low, medium, high) and define the status.

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Vehicle tracking

Self-contained personal locator with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. Designed for monitoring people, animals and cars, it can also be applied for monitoring employees, security staff at sports events. It features an IP67 waterproof case that offers convenient use even in harsh conditions. The large battery capacity expands the range of applications to those where long life battery is needed.

Instant alarm button, instant messaging in case of emergency.

"Man down" and non-movement alarm

Real-time location tracking of employees, people and vehicles.

BLE Beacon support for different use cases

Asset tracking

Practical asset monitoring device with the possibility of integrating different mounting accessories. The unit is perfect for tracking valuable cargo, coils, tools, construction equipment, elevators, containers, and many other assets.

Water and dust resistant for external integrations (IP68)

Battery life up to 3 years

Periodic reports and weekly scheduling. Tracking in place and on the go.

Small, consistent and easy to install

Personal tracking

The device is designed for all those person who perform activities without direct supervision: for example healthcare visitors, maintenance workers, employees working out of the standard working hours. The tracker features high-quality voice communications, programmable LED indications, and a 1050mAh battery to satisfy the latest safety and security regulations.

Slim and minimal design, for comfortable daily use

5 configurable buttons

Integrated microphone

"Man-down" and non-movement alarm

Bluetooth for external devices and low energy sensors

Integrated speaker