ON Applications 

ON Applications 

ON Applications 

ON Applications 

ON Applications 

ON Applications 


Real Estate and condominiums assets management

ON® is the perfect support for condominium administrators. The house units are easily reached in real time and geolocated on ONmap™.
Technological systems are controlled 24/7 in order to prevent malfunctions and ensure effective maintenance. The accesses of dedicated person (cleaning companies, plant engineers, construction companies), are trackable and related according to time and specific skills.
ON® acquires and analyzes large amounts of data, it develops Deep Learning algorithms and applies statistical models based on A.I. capable of optimizing energy consumption.


Collaborative House

ON® enhances your abitation by making it connected and dynamic. It allows you to automatically manage systems and devices, both locally and remotely, to improve their health, safety, comfort and consumption. Check and verify environmental parameters to ensure the right comfort but saving energy at the same time.


Healthcare 4.0

The implementation of IoT solutions represents a new challenge for public and private healthcare facilities, for the construction of the “hospital of the future”, highly performing and capable to offer excellent care.
ON® allows you to optimize Hospital-Patient communication, making it efficient and dynamic, both in healthcare facility and at home.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 exponentially increases the volume and speed of data collected and analyzed to support advanced levels of vertical and horizontal integration. IT systems and infrastructure must change frequently to support the enterprise’s journey towards digital transformation. ON® allows you to create custom applications, integrations with third-party software, centralization of data and processes.


Precision Agricolture

The implementation of ON technology into farms, allows farmers to gain total control and visibility over their land, crops, livestock and equipment. It helps to create a scalable infrastructure on which is easily to control, even remotely, plants, the movement and safety of people, machines and herds.


Public Administration

ON® is a valid support for the management of safety in public buildings, for example by installing the static robot CEO near the entrances of buildings. It is useful for access control and management, attendance verification, human and fire safety management and all technological and video surveillance systems.
Additional EOS and EBE units can be placed in secondary entrances and wherever needed. Finally, the installation does not require particular works.


School & University

ON® automatically analyzes air quality by regulating the microclimate of the environment. The sensors are able to determine the quality of the air and to actuate actions to make the classrooms, canteen, gyms and administrative offices healthier. Control and check the brightness of the rooms, modulating the amount of artificial light to the full advantage of better lighting and energy savings.



ON® is useful in historical environments (libraries, archives, etc.). Safety plant engineering works often become aesthetically intrusive.
ON® centralizes the various devices dedicated to safety, microclimate, light management, thermoregulation. The management, even remotely, of audio-video equipment and multimedia contents (4K video resolution), are facilitated by the TEA which governs their distribution, including the information used by operators and tourist guides.



ON® can also be seen as an analysis tool that allows you to extract, analyze the operating parameters of the vessel remotely, verify its geolocation on ONmap™ automatically generating reports allowing the monitoring of the selected values allowing the algorithm to calculate in time actual system performance.



IoT technology is valuable especially when it comes to predicting any failures, but it is also able to analyze and to monitor the number of people present at vehicle stops, using the sensors ON® is equipped with. Using vector tracking, it is able to better regulate times, flows and fuel consumption.

ON® automatically recognizes the healthiness of the environment. The sensors present are able to determine the quality of the air in such a way as to automatically activate actions to make the classrooms, canteen, gyms and administrative offices healthier.


This is just an example of what can be done with ON®. Contact us for more information on how to create your custom product.


Why ON Technology?

ON® is the complete IoT solution. An ecosystem of interconnected devices that makes the environment with which it interacts more functional, comfortable and safe.

What does "Internet of Things without Internet" means?

Unlike traditional IoT infrastructures, ON® does not require the mandatory usege of the cloud and it maintains the regular and complete functioning of all activities even in the absence of the internet.

Is it customizable?

Yes it is. ON Technology is fully customizable. Depending on the scope of application and the specific request of the user, it can be modulated according to your specific needs.

Our Design Center™ is always available to develop your ideas and listen to your custom requests.

Can I purchase ON solutions as a private individual also?

Absolutely. Our system is not aimed exclusively in corporate target, but also for private users in small offices or collaborative homes.