Collaborative House

My house isn't Smart

With MyON becomes the reflections of my lifestyle!

ON® goes beyond the concept

of Smart Home

Imagine an ecosystem of interconnected devices that aim to make the environment with whom they interact, more functional, comfortable and safe.

With MyON®

The collaborative home is also safer. MyON® optimizes functions and monitors variables, enhancing your ability to understand the environment.

You have full control of consumption for energy and economic savings. Brightness control for ideal lighting

A unique audio experience thanks to the possibility of listening to different music in every room with the invisible Oyster AudioPanel™ speakers

Remote management also via smartphone. Through ONmap™ you can create customized applications and manage existing devices, both wired and wireless.

IoT without Internet

Unlike traditional IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructures, it does not require the obligatory use of the cloud and allows for the complete and regular functioning of all its functions even in the absence of an Internet network, effectively transcending the concept of IoT: a sort of “Internet of Things without Internet”.
ON®, thanks to this feature, can de facto offer an almost absolute level of security and respect for privacy.

IoT without Internet

Full privacy
Decentralized architecture

What does “IoT Without Internet” stand for ?

Unlike traditional IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructures, MyON® does not require the mandatory use of the cloud.

It allows the complete and regular operation of all its functions even in the absence of an internet network.

This is why, in fact, the concept of IoT is transcended: a sort of “Internet of Things without Internet”.

Thanks to these characteristics, ON can actually offer an almost absolute level of security and respect for privacy.

If you want your living environment to be safe, fully integrated and tailor-made, ON® is the best solution to rely on.
The comfort, safety and energy savings of your home become smart thanks to a real Oyster interconnected environment, which can also be managed remotely.

ON Technology

This is just one example of application of the ON® system.
Contact us for more information on how to customize it according to your needs!