With the new technologies becoming more and more accessible day by day, it is possible to expand the field of the IoT to more purely cultural areas as well.
The museum’s sector represents a perfect example of how technology can add value to the traditional tourist offer.

Making the museum “collaborative” would guarantee not only greater safety, but also the development of alternative business models based on A.I. related to the flow of visitors.

Towards a technological museum on a human scale

ON® centralizes security systems for optimized device management.

Lighting management is of considerable importance in a museum. With ON® you have brightness control for ideal lighting of the artworks.

Ability to manage audio/video equipment and play multimedia content.
All even remotely!

Control and regulation of the microclimate to guarantee the most suitable environment for the conservation of the works.

Technology and Museums

The main offer of a museum is given by the works it houses.
How can ON® technology contribute to the creation of the ideal collection, with the aim of improving the museum’s activity?


  • It can obtain detailed information about the target audience (visitors) by collecting data on their behaviors and interests;

  • It can find new ways to measure the performance of a collection, going beyond the number of visitors and revenues;

  • It can tailor the offers of future exhibitions to the interests of potential visitors.

Often the plant engineering works for safety become aesthetically voluminous and an obstacle. In a museum environment, maintaining the aesthetics of the context is essential to guarantee an ideal use of the works themselves.
Oyster has always been committed to making products with a unique and non-intrusive design… in some cases even invisible!

ON Technology

This is just one example of application of the ON® system.
Contact us for more information on how to customize it according to your needs!