EOS is the central unit of the ON® system with multitouch screen.

EOS allows the user to manage the entire ON® system through a simple and intuitive interface.
It is equipped with the latest generation of sensors, for an accurate analysis of the environmental parameters.

An innovative technology with an elegant and functional design... for complete management of the environment!

Security & safety functions, automation and environmental control (video surveillance, fire alarms and SOS), blackout control, global management of technological systems installed in the environment

EOS is not a simple terminal of a home automation system, but a complete device with professional performance through which it is possible to use the instant data acquired, to carry out accurate forecast analyzes to facilitate the management of real estate assets with management techniques of “facility management”.

Air quality analysis

Electricity and lighting consumption analysis

Thermic consumption analysis

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The unit is equipped with new generation sensors that facilitate the automated collection of acquired data, allowing effective management of environmental conditions and taking advantage of the unlimited potential of possible Deep Learning and Machine Learning solutions.

Or you can simply do nothing because EOS frees you from the obligation to directly manage the functions. Beacause it knows how to take care of the comfort of any environment by its own!



Integrated AudioPanel™ technology ensures smooth playback
quality audio and uniformly distributed in the environment.

The speaker module has been designed with the most accuracy using predictive analysis software F.E.A.) and laboratory tests.

The acoustic design achieves a much higher sound pressure level (SPL) than conventional speakers of the same size!



for your company.

Small office

for your office.

Smart Home

for your home.

Choose the better configuration
for your EOS


Actuator unit that can be integrated with the EOS or EBE central units.
LAN communication protocol.



GIS web application. A real tactical table on a georeferenced map, for the control and monitoring of devices and events.


Sensor unit

Temperature Humidity Pressure Light Air Quality (IAQ) Red Light Intensity Green Light Intensity Blue Light Intensity Gas Resistance

Built-in camera sensors

Resolution: 8 Megapixels Video: 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p60/90Sensor: Sony IMX219Sensor Resolution: 3280 x 2464 pixelArea image sensor: 3.68 x 2.76 mm

CPU (Central Unit)

Dual-core Arm Cortex -A72 @ 2.0 GHzQuad-core Arm Cortex -A53 @ 1.5 GHz

GPU (Graphic Unit)

Arm Mali – T860 MP4 GPU @ 800 MHz

Sound diffusion

1 AudioPanel™ unit C1 SPL 102 dB - 2,83V @ 1m

User interface

Display Format: 800 (RGB) x 480 pixel Display Size: 7'' multitouch


1 x HDMI with CEC hardware 1 x USB Type-C 1xLAN






16GB eMMCMicro SD(TF) card slot (push/pull)


1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C OTG port

Power Supply

ON Audio Grade switching adapter INPUT: 100-240V-ac 60/50HZ 2A Max OUTPUT: 12V DC 10A Max EFFICIENCY LEVEL: VI

Operating environmental conditions

Temperature: 0° - 60° C Non working Humidity: 0% - 85%

OS Support

Oyster OS 1.0.0


Light: RAL 7035 - Dark: RAL 7016

Size (LxAxP mm)

230 x 225 x 37

Weight (Kg)


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