The space dedicated to your home

Invisible audio solutions!

The AudioPanel blends perfectly with the architecture of the rooms, being installed inside the walls or ceilings.

Immersive Surround Receiver

The Oyster AudioPanel Sign™ Series loudspeakers spread sound evenly throughout the room, with no privileged listening points or blind spots.

Sign™ S51

Invisible Loudspeakers
Size (LxAxP)
mm 366x446x11
Power rating 50 Watt
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm


Sign™ S52

Invisible Loudspeaker
Size (LxAxP)
mm 366x446x11
Power rating 100 Watt
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm




Can be installed directly on the wall, in ceilings or in any piece of furniture. It ensures superior audio comfort to traditional systems, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the space provided.

Incredibly efficient

The AudioPanel technology has a performance much higher than traditional speakers and the amount of energy (therefore power in Watts) required to power them is reduced: the number of speakers to be used for the sound is much less.

Super lightweight

The Oyster speakers of the Sign series are made with a proven technology consisting of a few components, essential and powerful. The end result is a smart and lightweight product.


An innovative solution, extremely effective and that brings economic savings, greater efficiency and from the architectural point of view invisible.

Integrable everywhere


False ceilings




…and much more!

AudioPanel technology can be integrated into any piece of furniture. This means that you can customize the design of environments without compromising sound quality.

Speakers can be integrated into partitions, ceilings, bookcases, cupboards, cabinets and furniture, providing an immersive listening experience without any visual impact on the decor of the room.

The speaker

invisible efficient powerful for any environment!

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