Good standards

Find out what you can do to make sure the Oyster community is a helpful and welcoming place for everyone. The community is a place to help each other, to get the most out of Oyster products and services. In order to make it a community where all members feel comfortable asking and answering questions, follow the guidelines below.

Forbidden rules

The list of actions not to be committed in order not to face measures by the community manager is as follows:

  • Defamation:offending and defaming – in a vulgar way or otherwise terms – the brand and the team of professionals who work every day to ensure a positive experience for their customers is never allowed.
  • Sensitive data:it is never allowed, for security reasons, to publish sensitive data that violate privacy laws such as email addresses, telephone numbers and home addresses. If necessary, the user should use private mail.
  • Capital letters:writing in capital letters on the web is equivalent to shouting. Community members should be advised not to leave posts and comments written exclusively in all caps to keep the tone of conversations pleasant and calm at all times.
  • Spam: it is totally forbidden to promote products, other pages, events, blogs or sites other than the company one.
  • Always quote the author: when sentences, articles or texts produced by others are published, you are required to always quote the author. Ignoring this rule does not only mean going against common sense, but also constitutes behavior that risks integrating the extremes of plagiarism!


In the event that one or more of the suggestions given in the netiquette are not observed, the page administrator is authorized to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the respect of all community members and a pleasant tone of the fan page.

The community manager can hide and/or remove insults and vulgar or discriminatory words, comments and posts that violate or invite you to violate current regulations.