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Omnibox is a IoT cloudless device, for Home & Building Automation

Installation on DIN rail, with LAN/WI-FI network connection. It has 4 relays for the control of electrical circuits and 4 clean inputs for connection to sensors, buttons and third-party systems.


The Cloudless Device ensures maximum privacy, operating independently without using the cloud. It is a fully standalone solution, offering total and independent control for maximum security and absolute privacy.


The time is automatically calculated using the specific time zone (e.g. Europe/Rome), ensuring effortless time zone, daylight saving and daylight saving time management. This feature makes time management on Omnibox easy to use.


The automation of sunrise and sunset is one of the most appreciated features because it offers incredible utility. Solutions of this type help to minimize energy consumption and your system can adapt to the actual presence or not of sunlight.


It allows programming and control of the device by third-party software and scripts, via PC, mini-server or microcontrollers connected to the network. This allows not only to fully automate the device but also to collect information such as sunrise and sunset time to create custom automations, without the need to depend on external data sources.


Also accessible to installers without highly specialized skills. Unlike devices with general automations that require complex configurations, Omnibox, thanks to its intuitive WEB interface, offers a simple user experience.

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Learn how to quickly and easily setup custom actions on your Omnibox device.


4 clean contacts; 5mm step screw clamps


4 relays of 10A 250VAC; Overvoltage 8000V; High break down voltage 4000V


Integrated Access Point Wi-Fi; Access Point Wi-Fi; 1xLAN Ethernet




DIN rail


6 DIN modules

Power supply

12V DC

Size (LxAxP mm)

105 x 95 x 35

Weight (Kg)



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Omnibox (Technical)
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Can I control my device via the Internet or a cloud service?

No you can’t. The device is not controllable over the Internet. However, you can deploy custom cloud solutions using integrated APIs for more advanced control.

Can I create complex automations using only this device?

The device is perfect for managing simple actions through automations, but you can compose more complex actions by combining multiple actions and automations between them.

However, if you want to create complex automations, you can pair it with other simple and inexpensive devices that handle the circuits in a specific way, making it possible to create infinitely complicated actions.

Can I program the device as a PLC?

No you can’t. The device is not programmable locally as a traditional PLC. However, you can program it via scripts that run remotely with built-in APIs, giving you more flexibility and control from anywhere.